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Nothing much, just a casual learner who loves to code.

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Hi, my name is Gaurav Thakur. Currently, working as an Associate Software Engineer at MAQ Software. I'm a Javascript enthusiast and a full stack developer, more inclined towards the frontend. I'm actively looking for an SDE (UI) role. Please find more details here.


  • JavaScript
  • ReactJS
  • C++
  • HTML and CSS
  • NodeJS
  • Firebase
  • MongoDB
  • NextJS
  • React Native

My Projects


Blog Site

This is my blog built with firebase as backend where I occasionally write articles. There, I share my knowledge about different tech stack with the world.

Next.Js, Firebase


Indexing Life

A journal application created using React Native where a user can write their daily happenings in a timeline manner.

React Native



CLister will make you more organized and productive. You can manage all your related tasks in sections and create different sections for a different type of chores. For a mobile device, you can download our android application.

NextJs, ReactJs, React Native, firebase


Everyday Journal

It is a journal application where you can write your daily happenings in a timeline manner. All the data is backed up to the cloud. For a mobile device, you can download our android application.

ReactJs, Firebase


Personal Portfolio

This is the website which you are visiting right now. It was earlier written in plain html and css but later shifter to ReactJs and Material UI

NextJs, Material UI


Bhaga Sidh Furniture Industry

It was a website for a local furniture store to showcase their products. I built this gorgeous website with Tailwindcss and NextJs

Tailwindcss, NextJs


Google Keep Clone

A Google Keep Clone, which allows you to perform all the CRUD operations on the notes. the Firebase is used as the backend, so all the data is synced safely.

ReactJs, Firebase



An execution of login and signup flow implemented in the MERN stack with the social login/signup buttons. JWT tokens were used for authenticating users

ReactJs, MongoDB, NodeJS, ExpressJS


Twitter Clone

A clone of Twitter's homepage created with the ReactJS and plain CSS. No external dependency/library was used.


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The best way to contact me is by filling this form or by sending me an email. I'm also very active on Twitter.


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